Tiny Shelter Lapel Pin - "Climb High Inside"

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Why climb high inside? Well, it's the only place left until Elon Musk builds his off-planet colony for the genetically augmented super-wealthy. We've been doing some serious stuff to our elves and this world for a little while now. Some stupefyingly beautiful things and some stupidly ugly.

We encourage a pause.

Take a minute to look to your own final frontier that scary and beautiful place inside from whence, as Mr. Rogers might say, feelings are mentionable and manageable. There is always more mountain to climb but just because it's not Everest doesn't mean its not difficult or worth the effort. That said, this is just a lapel pin; it wont make you run faster, meditate harder, or solve world hunger. You can use it to poke a hole in a coffee lid or tack a poster to a wall. Mostly we hope you just like it and want to spread the sentiment to others. 


1 1/2" w x 1-1/4" h 
One saying fits all