Hi, We are Tiny Shelter.

We are real people not bots. We are the brainchild of Shelter Design Studio in Asheville, NC. We are two designers who are husband and wife. We are real people who live in a small house with a cat and a toilet that runs unless you jiggle the handle. We are two people who thought up a thing and then spent some time figuring out how to make that thing and put it out into the world. We enjoyed making it and hope you will enjoy having it or giving to someone.

We like to know what you are up to in the world, and also like to let you know how we're doing too. Don't worry, we’re not tech savvy enough to sell your info or do anything crafty with it.

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If you think we’re full of it, take twenty minutes to take a walk and realize there is no one singular reality and that we actually have no bearing on your sense of self worth. That only comes from within. But also for real, if you want to chat or ask a question or have constructive criticism, contact us here (tinyshelterguru@gmail.com)